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view from Stockade across The Mohawk River from Schenectady Resident and Youtube user Peter Screenname "lookseeseen"

"lookseeseens" Youtube Channel

Schenectady Pics

The Old Brandywine Elementary School website  

Patrick Caccavo- athlete and fighter -After being discouraged Comes Back to Life with his training. He is fueld with his vision of becoming a Professional Fighter in Las Vegas



Full Sized Video Featured shots of The old Brandywine Elementary school and Central Park middle School, both attended by Patrick in the 1970's  A part of him still haunted by memories of his youth.




Grout Park 2007 Hamburg Street

This is a documentary about Proctors Theater, located in Schenectady NY. The film was made by the 2006-2007 class of the Capital Region BOCES Theater Arts Technology class.

U Tubes "jconsta5" This video was a lot fun to put together. After doing this photo-shoot of the Gazette Newspapers' annual Holiday Parade in Schenectady, NY on November 17, 2007, I realized the theme this year was on Classic TV. And then it hit me. I noticed according to my research that this January of 2008 would officially mark the 80th anniversary of the birth of television, which coincidentally occurred here in Schenectady when a creative visionary from the General Electric Company, named E.F.W. Alexanderson, helped perform the world's first transmission of television from his home in Schenectady to exactly four receivers from miles away. Not only it gave birth to this new medium, but it would later evolve into the world's first TV station that would become known as WRGB.

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Central Park Scenes 2

Central Park Scenes 3

New Years Day Scotia Mohawk Ave Collins Park